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Friday , July 26 , 2002
I'm with Stupid -- GAME ON
Eddie -- Friday, July 12, 2002
After reading my colleague's boisterous rant and our first comic, I can't help but wonder if he's trying to speak for both of us. The way I'm written in the first comic seems more like TaK's pitiful attempt at sophistication than something I'd actually say. I suppose I should get on the ball and save you all from TaK's brash and unappealing humor.

As for wanting to be a part of the political turmoil of the webcomic world today, I don't think so. I'm doing this more to make sure none of you artists and writers out there let your egos get the better of you.

That's all I want to say...go away now!

TaK -- Friday , July 26 , 2002
Not a lot to say today. Exploitation Now was one of Eddie's pics. To be honest, I think we're mostly punking them cause they're a "sex comic-turned serious drama-but still with sexual undertones-but now with new lesbianistic characters". Or, something like that.

There's nothing wrong with giving a comic a make-over. Like, different writing, or new characters. Or, whatever. Hell, Poe does it and look where it got him! Popular! Thats where!

Now, 8 Bit Theater is a different story. A lot of people resent the fact that they're cut and pasted pixels. Me, I don't care. So what if you steal the art from a classic video game, and therefore are stealing from a landmark video game industry as well as exploiting the already established popularity of a now world-famous video game.

Who really cares?

It worked, and not just on 8-Bit, but also on Bob and George. BUT, and this is a big, BIG butt here... it's not enough to copy, cut, paste, and clean pixels! OH NO my friend. You still must be a decent writer. Cause, if you're not you're just another of the 10 thousand sprite comics that couldn't make a clown on laughing gas smile. Cause when you cut and paste, and you suck as a writer... well then, you've just become a valid loser.

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